BULSCA Championships 2018 - Individual Entry

Want to enter a team?


This form can be used by Team managers to submit a list of individuals, or by individual competitors who want to take part for an event time.
Times do not contribute towards Team scores.
You can repeat this process if you wish to enter more than ten competitors.

Please Note: Each competitor must hold a valid qualification for the duration of the Championships (Please see rules for a list of valid qualifications).
Proof of this must be submitted via the links on the main website.

Enter the names of any individual competitors.
Note that you do not have to fill in all ten names!


Events and Times

Enter the times in minutes, seconds and milliseconds.
Note for Line Throw, entries may be seeded into the same heat (i.e Thrower and Catcher should not be duplicated).

12.5m Line Throw

50m Manikin Carry

100m Manikin Carry with Fins

100m Rescue Medley

100m Manikin Tow with Fins

200m Super Lifesaver

200m Obstacle Swim

Payment - £5

£5 per event.
Please remember to bring your payment on the day. You will be required to pay for any places that have been confirmed.

Please note: Competition places are subject to payment in full and spaces being available.